Kaya Skin Clinic – Aqua Fairness Luxe Treatment

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Market, Kolkata 28th April, For skin treatment I have consulted in this clinic. It also flushes out toxins using jet sprays of saline water and air. Also, this treatment is good for would-be brides who are going in for bridal grooming. Once he started the laser, he starts running it through your face on areas where he finds the scars. Other than the bridal packages, which is intended for brides-to-be, Kaya offers a wide range of other hair and skin care services such as expert beauty facials, dark circle reduction, FaceTherapy, Intense Clarity Peel for face and neck. Different women have different skin types and tones, and it can be difficult to select the best services that are appropriate for your skin type.

Kaya Signature Face Therapy's Ultra detox is designed to relax the skin and clear it of the impurities. Kaya's fairness & pigmentation treatment provides ✓skin pigmentation reduction ✓ skin whitening & lightening ✓dark spots removal. Learn more on skin. Kaya's Skin Polishing and Brightening treatment uses microdermabrasion that helps reverse skin damage by removing dead cells making your skin more.