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With its ability to lift up to 8 shades, this product can work on even darker hair that needs some extra help lifting up to a nice, extra cool blonde- unlike generic brands that would probably leave you with orangey hues and tons of disgusting dryness and breakage. After an hour and a half she came home with the dip-dye kit - which actually has the same amount of bleach product in it which begs the question the ends of your hair vs your whole head ratio - so we had to use THREE more boxes to do my whole head. Which salon quality bleach you end up using will be entirely up to you. You can also use Splat Hair Dye Kit with the bleach and peroxide. Before bleaching, you should review directions carefully and take precautions to check the risk of allergic reaction.


Buy from Amazon Best hair bleach products Platinum Productts Lightener is best hair bleach products Cadillac of bleaching products. This is hands down one of the prodycts effective best hair bleach products least best face lightening cream uk lightening products best hair bleach products the market.

L'Oreal Platinum comes in two different formulas. One contains ammonia and is for darker hair that requires best hair bleach products higher level best hair bleach products lift, and the other contains no ammonia and is suitable for lifting lighter levels.

This gives the stylist more control, and allows them to tailor the formula more specifically for each client's needs.

Unlike traditional lighteners that come in powder form, L'Oreal Platinum is like an oily paste. The texture is much easier to work with than traditional bleach as it doesn't expand or travel very much at all.

This is a great help when you are trying to not overlap onto any previously lightened hair. L'Oreal Platinum is a bit pricier than other bleaching products, but it is hands down the top favorite among professional hair stylists.

Once you use it, I'll bet you'll have a hard time going back to other brands of lightener.

Show your hair some love. Find out the top 4 best hair bleaching products on the market and go BLONDE!. So this really has become my holy grail bleach, I've used it 3 times on my roots to get a really good feel for. Bleaches, also called "lighteners," are used to lift some of the natural color out of the hair, and make way for new color at Expensive, need to buy 4 boxes of it, but so worth it if you get the toner too! Such a good product, just a shame there was no where near enough product in the box! Why Choose Salon Bleach over Generic Bleach? And while you MAY end up with the shade you want and that is only a possibility.. Perfect neutralization is offered by it. The darker color turns lighter when bleach strips the hair of its natural color so that you can apply another color in its place. Both natural and colored hair is lifted up to 9 levels. It does percent gray coverage with root to tip evenness. Expensive, need to buy 4 boxes of it, but so worth it if you get the toner too! That being said, you will be on the hunt for the perfect bleach to reach your hair goals. I needed both but that's not that unusual.