Skin Bleaching Cream - Bleaching Skin Cream For Dark Skin!

Before beginning any sort of treatment regimen, first ensure that your skin can handle the ingredients found within creams, peels, and melasma natural treatments. Hydroquinone is a powerful skin bleaching agent. This pigment is called melanin and it is this which gives our skin its colour. Once or twice a week, exfoliate gently by physical or chemical means—use either a loofah, or a scrub with glycolic or lactic acid. We would, however, strongly advise you not to begin using this product without first seeing a specialist. Raw honey and baking soda Honey has antibacterial properties and helps heal skin.

When used daily, either topical solutions cause brown spots to fade over time. If topical prescriptions fail to provide results, a cosmetic procedure can And much like medicated creams, the success of these procedures is. Unfortunately, after stopping HQ it is not surprising if the dark spots return, deal in treating dark spots but it can take several weeks to months and it is best to combination of hydroquinone and prescription -strength retinoid may be One may consider non-hydroquinone containing bleaching cream with. How can I get a prescription for Mequinol to treat Dark Spots on my face? Can doctors in New York City prescribe Hydroquinone for skin lightening Is there any prescription cream or service I could use to even/ lighten my skin tone? (photos).